Surface cleaner, restorer, and disinfectant.


  1. Goggles, wellingtons, and waterproof gloves to be worn for applications
  2. Seal area off to be cleaned
  3. Apply using a sprayer or brush
  4. For best results re-brush all over 30 minutes after application
  5. Heavily stained areas may need a re-coat
  6. Thoroughly wash off with Rotary Jetter
  7. Finally, rinse with a wash gun to remove all chemical

IMPORTANT: Bleach solution should be used with care and stored safely. Bleach can cause damage to carpets, fabrics, plastic, lino floor coverings, and many other common materials.


Resin & Stone Cleaner

£25.99 + VAT

Resin Stone Cleaner is a powerful resin bound and bonded surface cleaner. This fast-acting solution helps to remove stubborn greasy stains and heavy soiling for resin aggregate driveways, patios, gardens, and landscaped areas.  This highly effective cleaner is easy to use and has excellent degreasing properties restoring your resin paving without damaging the surface.

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