The Starter Kit Contains

  • Resin Bull trowel
  • A sturdy wheelbarrow suitable for shifting resin on site
  • The Resin Bull Dozer lightweight professional rake for even material distribution
  • Heavy duty helical paddle for mixing the Part A and Part B resin compounds
  • Comfy Bull kneeling pad for long lasting knee protection
  • Barrier tape to cordon off the working area
  • A roll of 50M x 100mm duct tape for edging protection
  • White spirits for cleaning up and trowel lubrication
  • A pack of 100 nitrate gloves offering protection to your hands
  • 1 x 6.25kg bag of dried crushed glass to add adhesion to your surface finish

Resin Bound Starter Kit

£300.00 + VAT

The resin bound starter kit is a selection of products aimed at installers who are starting to offer resin bound driveway installation to customers. It contains the equipment needed to achieve a high-quality installation and includes all the ancillary items needed to complete your first job and has the advantage of being competitively priced.

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