Ash UVR Resin Bound Tree Pit Trade Kit

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£88.00 + VAT

With its beautiful blend of whites and greys, Ash resin bound tree pit kit blends especially well with hard landscaping and urban paving. Each kit contains stones graded between 6 – 10mm for additional porosity, as well as parts A & B resin.

We recommend installing tree pits between 40 – 100mm, but always check your project specifications. Each pack can cover 2m² at a 40mm depth and contains:

• 1 Part A UVR Resin Component
• 1 Part B UVR Resin Component
• 4 x 25kg bags of 6 – 10mm of Ash aggregate

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Delivery Criteria

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Good to Know

Check project dimensions before starting to ensure you have enough material to complete your project. We recommend a 10% contingency.

Cooler weather increases product curing time. In colder temperatures, VA5 Catalyst should be added to the resin mix to stabilise curing (UVR resin only).

Scatter surfacing with fine glass/sand particles to increase slip-resistance.

Do not lay in wet weather or temperatures below 5 degrees centigrade.


  • Forced Action mixer
  • VA5 Catalyst
  • Flat headed squeegee
  • High torque drill with helical whisk attachment
  • Floor trowel
  • Wheel barrow
  • Fine crushed glass
  • Polythene to protect floor and line your wheelbarrow
  • Masking tape
  • White spirits & cloths
  • Tape measure/timber batons for depth gauge
  • Disposable gloves