Maintaining your resin surface

Resin Winter Maintenance FAQs

How should you take care of resin surfaces in winter, what cleaning products can be used? Find by reading our Resin Winter Maintenance FAQs.

We have put together resin winter maintenance FAQs to answer the most common questions we get asked about resin maintenance.

#1. Is resin slippery in winter?

The short answer is no. Our Decra®Stone resin bonded paving actually has a more highly rated slip-resistance value that other traditional surfacing materials and can even be constructed using highway grade high friction surfacing aggregates for even greater pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Our Decra®Set resin bound material has the texture of the aggregate components within its construction and as such offers the same non-slip value as a standard tarmac surface.

Can you use de-icing or rock salt products on resin?

All types of de-icing products can be used on resin-based surfaces if required – these will be effective in extreme weather conditions and will not inherently damage the composition of the materials.

As with all winter maintenance products we recommend the removal of these treatments once they are no longer required, either by wet cleaning or simply brushing off.

#2. Will outdoor resin flooring crack in the frost and snow?

If the resin surface has been properly installed to adequate base construction, the integrity of the product should not be compromised by extreme temperatures; hot or cold. Water is the root cause of damage in extreme temperatures, however, if set up to be managed properly, no surface construction should be adversely affected. Ensure falls are suitable, drains are clear and your rein bound porous paving is suitably maintained to allow for SUDS soak-away.

#3. Can resin be cleaned in winter?

Resin can still be cleaned in the winter months, and we would advocate for the removal of wet leaves, snow, and other potential hazards. You may also find that moss and algae are more prevalent during colder and damper weather, and as such we would recommend the cleaning of this periodically to avoid staining and slip hazards.

All of our resin systems can be cleaned using gentle domestic pressure washing, specialist moss and algae treatments, and normal domestic cleaning products without damaging the product. If in doubt, test on a small discreet area first.

If you like more information or would like to request resin bound samples or resin bonded samples contact us today.

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